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On symbolism

Symbolism uses one thing (or idea) to represent another thing (or idea). There is always “this” that stands in the place of “that.” The value of the symbol is in teaching about “that” by employing “this” as a teaching tool.
.. In temple or religious symbolism, the “this” used has no real value, but “that” holds eternal value. If an unbelieving person obtains access to “this” temple or religious symbol, and then fails to understand its relationship to “that” which is spiritual or eternal, they have nothing of value. Likewise, when the symbol this has no meaning for those who believe in the spiritual or eternal (temple), then it fails to have any value for the believer as well. .. God frequently uses symbols to teach His highest truths. Christ used parables to teach about that by using the familiar to substitute as a representation. He explained that this was to prevent those who were unworthy of the symbol from comprehending the truths. Seeing, they "see not" and hearing they &qu…

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